New Applications Fuel Higher Demand for Radiometers


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Andy Chu and ProfilerBoulder, Colorado. Radiometrics Corporation is preparing for higher radiometer sales driven by the success of their flagship product, the MP-3000A which delivers continuous atmospheric temperature and humidity soundings. This product is the culmination of 24 years of development and is now a field proven instrument in wide use worldwide in operational and research applications. Radiometrics celebrated the 100th MP-3000 series in July. Radiometrics has deployed over 200 radiometers worldwide from the arctic to the tropics, and many other environments.

Radiometrics has also introduced a new family of seven models called the PR series which are used for both precision atmospheric measurements and in downward looking applications to measure soil moisture, bio health, snowpack depth and water content, sea surface temperature and salinity, and other phenomenon of the earth’s surface.

Demand is rising because users are learning how to incorporate the output of these instruments into predictive computer models to improve local high impact weather prediction. The weather forecast community is increasingly accepting that continuous radiometric profiles are the ideal complement to traditional twice daily radiosonde launches for improving short term forecasts.

To meet the rising demand for these instruments, Radiometrics has made some management changes. Dr. Fred Solheim has returned to R&D where he continues his seminal work on radiometer advances and developing new applications. Mike Exner has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Mike brings a wealth of experience in growing high tech companies, especially from the research phase to the manufacturing phase. Dick Rochester has been appointed Chief Operations Officer. He brings broad management and product development experience. Marta Nelson, a meteorologist, has recently joined the team at Radiometrics to assist customers and to assist engineering in developing new software for commercial applications. The commitment to the research community remains a core value to the company.

More information is available from Stick Ware, Chief Scientist ( or by phone 303 817-2063).