Radiometrics Completes Acceptance Testing for Initial Delivery on Twenty Radiometer Network

detailed_road_map_of_indiaBoulder, Colorado, 27 December, 2012— Radiometrics Corporation announces the completion of a major delivery milestone on a contract to install and maintain a nationwide network of microwave thermodynamic profilers in India. On December 22, 2012, representatives from an important agency of the Indian government completed acceptance testing of the first profiler and the central site equipment and software are scheduled for delivery in early January 2013.

Once completed, the network will include twenty profilers and a sophisticated network management subsystem, as well as software to analyze and display real-time upper air meteorological data for operational weather forecasting and nowcasting. Data from the radiometers will provide meteorologists real-time radiosonde-equivalent atmospheric soundings and forecast indices.

Radiometrics Corporation CEO Dick Rochester explains, “We are excited to complete the first major delivery milestone for this contract. This contract is significant for many reasons: Radiometrics will create the largest radiometer network in the world, both in geographic coverage and the number of instruments in the network. The network will support operational weather forecasting and provide critical real-time boundary layer data essential to improving local airfield nowcasting and numerical forecast model performance. With the support of our partner Info Electronic Systems, we will also maintain the network for a minimum of seven years. This is the largest contract award in the company’s history; one which highlights the continuing adoption of the company’s pioneering passive upper-air remote sensing technology by the global weather community.”

Radiometrics Corporation’s thermodynamic profilers produce continuous temperature, humidity and liquid atmospheric profiles. Historically, upper-air observations are made using radiosondes, commercial aircraft soundings, and a small number of wind profilers and tall towers. However, the spatial and temporal resolution of these observations are limited and do not meet the growing data requirements for improved forecasts at local scales. Radiosondes, which are the primary source of upper air data are typically launched twice per day from widely spaced sites, and lack the spatial and temporal resolution needed to improve short range high-resolution forecasts

About Radiometrics:  Radiometrics Corporation ( is a closely held private corporation based in Boulder, Colorado. The company has pioneered commercial ground-based thermodynamic microwave radiometry for over two decades. With more than 300 microwave radiometers in operation worldwide, the company is the world leader in ground-based radiometer product innovation and sales. Rugged, compact, and reliable, Radiometrics thermodynamic profilers observe the boundary layer temperature, humidity and liquid that define local weather. Patented designs ensure optimum long-term, all-weather performance for operational and research applications.

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