Live Data

    Boundary Layer Network (BLN)

  • Near Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas: Tropospheric profiles, forecast indices, and tools generated from combined microwave radiometer and gridded analysis
    at Flower Mound and Midlothian, Texas.

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  • Rutherford Laboratory (U.K.): Water vapor soundings to optimize radio astronomy observation accuracy (Chilbolton Observatory).
  • Cleveland, Ohio: Thermodynamic and liquid soundings; cloud radar and ceilometer observations (NASA Glenn Research Center). This project has since concluded.
  • Huntsville, Alabama: Thermodynamic soundings, numerical weather model, satellite, ceilometer, wind radar and sodar soundings (NASA – University of Alabama).
  • Cedar Falls, Iowa: Thermodynamic profiles and radiosonde (190 km away) comparison (University of Northern Iowa).

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