MP-Series Profilers

Radiometrics rugged, compact MP-Series thermodynamic microwave radiometer profilers continuously observe air temperature, humidity and liquid features that define local weather. Proven, patented designs ensure optimum long-term, all-weather performance for research and operations. Our mature software automatically generates a full suite of real-time forecast indices and tools in familiar meteorological format — powerful new tools for local, high-impact weather prediction.

Designed to meet the demands of research and operational forecasters, Radiometrics thermodynamic profilers deliver unique local atmospheric information essential for accurate local high impact weather prediction, with proven performance in extreme environments and weather conditions.

Optimize local high-impact weather surveillance and prediction with profiling radiometers from the industry leader. Single-band MP-2500A and MP-1500A radiometers use the same platform as the MP-3000A. 

MP-3000A Temperature, Humidity and Liquid Profiler

  • 21 K-band (22 to 30 GHz) channels
  • 14 V-band (51 to 59 GHz) channels

MP-2500A Temperature Profiler

  • 14 V-band (51 to 59 GHz) channels
  • Upgradeable to MP-3000A

MP-1500A Water Vapor Profiler

  • 21 K-band (22 to 30 GHz) channels
  • Upgradeable to MP-3000A

Standard Features

  • Frequency Agility for Optimum Performance (patented)
  • All-Weather Rain Effect Mitigation (patented)
  • Elevation Scan for Optimum Boundary Layer Accuracy
  • Modular Field Replaceable Components


  • Portable Non-Corroding Tripod with Telescoping Legs
  • Internal Infrared Sensor for Accurate Performance in Harsh Environments
  • VizMet-B Mature Graphic User Interface simplifies system operation and maintenance
  • RAOB software displays profiles and forecast indices in formats familiar to meteorologists
  • Azimuthal positioner
  • Extended cable lengths
  • 15 liter cryogenic calibration target
  • 25 liter nitrogen dewar