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Since its inception in 1986, Radiometrics has pioneered the development of ground-based microwave radiometry instruments and applications. More than 300 of Radiometrics’ radiometers are in operation worldwide. Proven, patented designs ensure optimum long-term, all-weather performance for research and operations.

In 2016, Radiometrics added RAPTOR™ radar wind profilers and ASC Sodars to its product portfolio, making Radiometrics the only company able to provide total profiler solutions.  Long-term accuracy, reliability, and customer support are hallmarks of Radiometrics’ remote sensing solutions.

Atmospheric Profilers
Because of the value of accurate, timely weather prediction to almost all human endeavors, Radiometrics has focused primarily on measuring and understanding wind and thermodynamic phenomena in the Planetary Boundary Layer, where most weather events occur. The boundary layer, ranging from several hundred to thousands of feet in height, is where we reside, immersed in an atmospheric fluid (air). Better — both temporal and spatial — boundary layer wind, temperature, and humidity data are needed to improve weather models, and local and high-impact weather prediction.

  • RAPTOR radar wind profilers models measure winds from the boundary layer up to the stratosphere.  From trailer mounted boundary layer mobile profilers to 100 m²  antenna arrays for space launch facilities, Radiometrics can provide a radar wind profiler solution tailored to any customer application.
  • Radiometrics’ MP-series thermodynamic profiling radiometers provide continuous temperature and humidity soundings with accuracy equivalent to radiosondes, plus liquid profiles. VizMet-B software simplifies radiometer operation and calibration, while optional ROAB software provides traditional forecast indices and tools in familiar meteorological format.  The MP-Series is MIL-STD-461F, CE and UL certified.
  • ASC Sodars provide continuous, high-vertical resolution wind profiles in the lower boundary layer. ASC Sodars are ideal for Air Quality and Wind Energy applications, and compliment the RAPTOR radar wind profilers by measuring winds below the radar’s first gate.

Radiometrics and Earth Networks have teamed to create the World’s largest “boundary layer” network of Radiometers. Customers may buy data, rather than radiometers, and never worry about maintenance or operational costs. Various data visualization and forecasts tools are also included.

Surface Remote Sensing Radiometers
The PR Series single-band, dual-polarization radiometers deliver optimum performance in a portable, modular configuration. Designed to meet the demands of research and operational applications, these radiometers are proven performers in the world’s more extreme environments and weather conditions. Down-looking applications include soil moisture, snow depth and snow-water equivalent measurements, sea ice age, and sea surface salinity.  Radiometrics offers dual-polarized PR radiometers at 1.4 GHz, 10.65 GHz, 19 GHz, 36.5 GHz, and 89 GHz.

Radiometrics provides solutions that meet our customers needs. This includes not only hardware and software, but also expert support from the initial inquiry through the life of the systems.  Services and support includes:

  • Pre-sales consulting to ensure customers select the equipment and services that best meet their specific needs
  • Training
  • Site selection
  • Installation
  • Project management
  • Post-sales support that includes
    • technical support
    • Repair services
    • Maintenance and upgrades

Product support is  available under technical support contracts, extended warranty, annual maintenance contract (AMC), or project basis.