PR-Series Radiometers

The PR-Series radiometers are often used in non-weather forecasting applications. The photo above is on Baffin Island, Canada, where measurements are being made in the ice pack with a pair of PR-Series radiometers.

Among other things, customers use PR-Series radiometers, to remotely sense soil, sea, snow, ice and vegetation properties in frequency channels ranging from 1.4 to 89 GHz. Portable, modular, rugged PR-Series radiometers are ideal for accurate and reliable atmospheric and earth surface observations. They have been operated from aircraft, trailer, snowmobile and dogsled platforms. PR-Series radiometers of different bands can be used simultaneously to solve “custom” problems or collect research data.

Satellite-based microwave observations are increasingly used for near-surface soil moisture, sea, snow, ice and vegetation remote sensing. PR-Series radiometers are ideal for calibration and validation of AMSR, SSMI, SMOS and proposed SMAP satellite observations, as well as other earth surface remote sensing applications.

Contact Radiometrics for additional information on any of the following PR-Series products:

 Single Polarization Radiometers

  • PR-2230, 22-30 GHz single-polarization, frequency synthesized radiometer
  • PR-8900, 89 GHz single-polarization, fixed-frequency radiometer

Dual Polarization Radiometers

  • PR-1475, 1.4 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-1065, 10.65 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-1900, 19 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-3700, 36.5 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer
  • PR-8900,  89 GHz dual-polarization, single-channel radiometer


  • Lightweight high-stability tripod
  • Heated dew blower assembly
  • Moog-Quickset QPT-90 positioner
  • Surface met station with tripod
  • NMEA4X control computer with UPS
  • Infrared thermometer (IRT)
  • GPS calendar clock synchronization and location stamps
  • External instrumented ambient target
  • Automatic dual target calibration system with software