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Radiometrics Corporation

Main phone: 303-449-9192
FAX: 303-786-9343
United States/Canada Educational Sales
David Patton
office: (303) 539-7583
fax: (303) 786-9343
International (except Japan)
Robert (Bob) Rissland
tel: (703) 533-9574 x299
cell: (703) 981-7853
fax: (703) 533-3190
Shotaro Shiokawa
cell: +81-80-5199-4147


Report Problems: Customer Service:  (+1) 303-539-7583

General Inquiries: For questions outside the categories listed below, please send an e-mail to:

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Staff Meteorologists: or

Chief Scientist:

Customer Service: Installation, technical support, warranty and repair services /

Candidates: Please apply through job postings on and other job websites. 

We’re always ready to communicate with curious talent.

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4909 Nautilus Court North
Suite 110
Boulder, CO. 80301 USA

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