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Radiometrics provides application-specific weather decision support systems built around our suite of atmospheric remote sensing instrumentation,  decision support  tools, and display systems.  

Radiometrics instrumentation includes Doppler weather radars, radar wind profilers, and MP-Series thermodynamic profiling microwave radiometers. Through partnerships and distributor agreements, Radiometrics’ suite of atmospheric remote sensing instruments also includes acoustic wind profilers, field mills, and solid-state X-Band and C-Band surveillance Doppler weather radars. 

Radiometrics solutions support a broad range of customer applications including: 

  • Emergency Warning Systems (EWS) Forecast and nowcast  extreme weather conditions and associated dangers, including high  winds, hail, heavy rain and flash flooding.  
  • Airports – Improved monitoring and nowcasting for windshear,  inversions, fog, icing and other hazardous weather impacts to increase  passenger safety and minimize flight delays. 
  • Spaceports – Cost-effective weather monitoring, nowcasting and forecasting for launch safety, including lightning, winds aloft and hazardous materials dispersal. 
  • Weather Services – Improved weather forecasts, alerts and warnings,  especially for data-sparse locations such as mountain ranges and coastal areas. 
  • Utility companies – Forecasting electrical power requirements and reducing wildfire risks. 
  • Water districts – Increasing cloud seeding effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Research – Monitoring global climate change, greater understanding of atmospheric dynamics, and improving NWP timeliness and accuracy. 

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