Weather Decision Support Systems that keep you Ahead of the Weather ®

Radiometrics delivers state-of-the-art Weather Decision Support Systems, atmospheric remote sensing instrumentation optimized for mobile and fixed-site applications, and a wide range of technical services including third-party equipment integration, system design, installation, maintenance, and training. 

Radiometrics’ SkyCast® instrumentation products include:  

  • Terminal Doppler Weather Radars 
  • Surveillance Doppler Weather Radars 
  • Radar Wind Profilers (boundary layer to 20 km) 
  • Sodar Wind Profilers (200 m to 1,000+ m) 
  • Temperature, Humidity, and Liquid Profilers (to 10 km) 

Radiometrics’ Weather Decision Support Systems build on our instrumentation products, weather decision support software, system integration know-how, and technical services capabilities, and include: 

  • VizAir™ Wind Shear Detection and Alerting System 
  • Hydromet Decision Support System (HDSS)   
  • Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction Support System (MAPSS) 
  • Lightning Decision Support System (LDSS) 
  • Launch Weather Decision Support System (LWDSS) 

Applications include:

  • Early Warning Systems – Forecast and nowcast all weather conditions and associated dangers, including wind, hail, precipitation estimation and forecasts, flooding, flash floods and mudslides.  
  • Airports – Improved monitoring and nowcasting for windshear, inversions, fog, icing and other hazardous weather impacts to increase passenger safety and minimize flight delays. 
  • Spaceports –Weather monitoring, nowcasting and forecasting for launch safety, including lightning, winds aloft and hazardous materials dispersal. 
  • Weather Services – Improved weather forecasts and nowcasts for improved alerts and warnings.

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At Radiometrics, we believe that our greatest asset is our people, and what better way to celebrate our team than by spotlighting the amazing individuals who make up our organization.
Our Employee Spotlight Series will feature regular profiles of different members of our team, giving you a glimpse into their professional journeys, passions, and interests outside of work. From engineers to sales associates, manufacturers to QCS representatives, each profile will showcase the unique talents and experiences contributing to our collective success.
We’re going to start with Ryan Matt. He is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in meteorology and business administration, currently, serving as the Manager in the Customer Support Department. Visit our website! Link in our Bio!

Wonderful day here at AMS come check us out at booth 347 ...

Last pieces of moving in to our location out here in Frederick!! #radiometrics ...

Here at Radiometrics, we are excited to announce that we will be doing employee profiles so you can get to know our team better. This month we are starting off with our President, Neil Brackin. Neil has been with us since May 2019 and enjoy every second he gets to work with our customers. FUN FACT: He’s a gigantic Steelers fan!!! ...