Management Team

“If your actions inspire others to , you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams

As Radiometrics embarks on its fourth decade of growth and innovation, the leadership team continues to focus on the core principles that have guided the company since its inception, while applying their own talents and experience to ensure our ongoing success.

Neil Brackin


Neil is an experienced aviation and atmospheric science executive having held leadership roles within the private sector and several industry organizations. Neil has experience in executing complex domestic and international atmospheric science operations for both government and commercial clients. In addition to being an Airline Transport Pilot, he holds a BA in Aviation Management from the University of North Dakota and an MA in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.


Eric Plomondon


Mr. Plomondon has over 30 years of experience in quality and manufacturing engineering. He has held Director level positions in several companies and has a strong background in many relevant industries including injection molding, high technology and sheet metal. Prior to Radiometrics, Mr. Plomondon was CEO and senior business consultant with Plomondon & Associates. His experience includes design and management of statistical process control programs, calibration and audit programs, employee training/certification program, a wide range of quality, general quality department planning and management, and ISO 9002 certification.

Mr. Plomondon also has valuable cross-functional experience in new product development, market analysis, developing advertising mediums, management of territorial representatives, designing sales data management systems, and consulting on various business issues.


Dave Patton


Mr. Patton has over 25 years of sales, product development, customer support, and executive experience with growing, innovative companies. He recognizes the importance of delivering complete solutions – hardware, software, and services – that fully address customers’ needs.

David has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  His background includes ten years as a communications officer in the U.S. Army, developing the first tower-mounted cryelectronic microwave receiver front end, owning a whiskey distillery, and working as a professional bluegrass musician.


Greg Neece


Greg has a background in multiple industries including Aerospace, Process Control, Industrial Automation, and Photonics. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Alabama where he is now a Fellow of Mechanical Engineering. Greg also holds a Master of Sciences degree in Technology Management from The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Greg began his career with Rockwell International in Huntsville Alabama working as Solid Rocket Booster Project Engineer during the post-Challenger return to flight period. In the early 1990’s he moved to Boulder Colorado accepting a position as Technology Transfer Engineer for Emerson Electric where he advanced to Operations Manager. Greg was responsible for several international technology transfer projects and started operations in The Netherlands, Mexico, and China. Greg was recruited to IBP, Inc. where he served as Chief Operating Officer of an engineering and automation division. Greg joined Avantes, Inc. as President in 2001. Most recently Greg served as COO of Vescent Photonics. Greg has published various articles and served on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Photonics Industry Association.