The MP-3000A profiling microwave radiometer continuously measures air temperature, humidity and liquid structure in the atmosphere. Much of this structure is invisible to the eye and to other remote sensing methods during cloudy conditions. These continuous upper-air data define local weather and are critical for thermodynamic and climatological research application as well as accurate local Nowcasting and weather forecasting.

The MP-3000A radiometer includes Radiometrics proprietary Rain Effect Mitigation methods, delivering optimum profile accuracy in all-weather conditions (including polar). The MP-3000A radiometer is a frequency agile instrument that includes significant advances implemented in a process of continuous product improvement over the last 17 years. The field proven third generation MP-3000A instrument is in extensive use worldwide at over 300 locations.

MP-3000A features include:

  • 21 Calibrated K-Band Humidity Channels
  • 14 Calibrated V-Band Temperature Channels
  • An efficient superblower proven to keep the radome dew, rain, snow and ice free
  • An internally mounted, corrosion-free zenith infrared cloud base temperature sensor ensuring accuracy and long term reliability in harsh environmental conditions
  • Advanced neural network retrieval methods
  • Field-replaceable radiometer components2 for cost-effective maintenance and repair
  • Powerful browser-based VizMet-B instrument control and display software
  • Full sky mapping with the provided azimuth drive installed
  • Small size and weight (less than 50kg for radiometer, superblower and azimuth positioner)
  • Robust design, with proven reliability in all climates and weather conditions