Radar Wind Profiler

The Radiometrics line of Radar Wind Profilers (RWP) provides unattended, real-time operational support for weather forecasting and aviation, aerospace, military, research, and other applications demanding high quality meteorological data products. Our RWP systems can be configured to comply with country or project-specific operating requirements. Radiometrics offers several RWP configurations to meet customer needs and budgets for wind data from the boundary layer to the mesosphere, including:

  • XBS-BL Boundary layer RWP
  • VAD-BL Boundary layer RWP
  • FBS-T   Full Beam Steering lower Tropospheric RWP
  • FBS-ST Full Beam Steering Tropospheric/Stratospheric RWP
  • FBS-MST  Full Beam Steering lower Mesospheric RWP

Radiometrics Radar Wind Profilers are also a component of SkyCast® Wind and Thermodynamic Profiling Systems