Our customers get more than a radiometer system.

Radiometrics offers a spectrum of services which include:

  • Site surveys and planning
  • Factory Training
  • On-site installation and calibration
  • On-site training
  • Factory repairs and calibration
  • Upgrades
    from MP-1500A to MP-3000A
    from MP-2500A to MP-3000A
  • Additional Radiometers or Accessories to PR-series systems
  • Custom Retrieval Processors
  • Data Reprocessing

One day of factory training, e-mail and telephone technical support are included with every radiometer purchase at no additional cost. Radiometrics also offers installation support and on-site training for an additional fee.

Device, Software and System Training

We offer our customers specialized training on how to properly use and maintain their device over time and how to use the suite of software products designed for troubleshooting, control, data visualization, and determination of meteorological indices. We also provide training and assistance on custom-suited procedures or modifications to customers’ unique applications.

Training can be at the customer’s site or at Radiometrics’  facility in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Radiometrics is developing new services to better support our customers world wide. We will announce new services here as they become available.