Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs [May 8, 2014]


Boulder, Colorado, May 8, 2014— Radiometrics Corporation announces the completion of a delivery milestone on a contract to install a microwave thermodynamic profiler (the MP-3000A) at the Bahrain International Airport (BAH) in Manama. Radiometrics’ flagship product, the MP-3000A delivers continuous atmospheric temperature and humidity soundings. During the week of May 5th, representatives from the Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs and Weather Decision Technologies ( completed acceptance testing of the profiler, site equipment, and software are scheduled for installation in mid-June, 2014.

BCAA will utilize the MP-3000A profiler in conjunction with a radar wind profiler and integrated displays to improve forecasting and weather monitoring at BAH. Annually BAH handles close to 100,000 flights and 7 million passengers. The system being installed at the airport will provide forecasters with new state-of-the-science analysis and alerting tools. The MP-3000A continuously measures the theromodynamics of the atmosphere, and the wind profiler provides vertical profiler of wind speed and direction. This combination of instruments allows for the detection and automated alerting of hazardous phenomena such as fog, inversions, and wind shear among others. BCAA anticipates the contribution of the MP-3000A to the system will lead to improved safety and efficiency of the airport operations, by giving weather forecasters local, real-time atmospheric data critical for operational forecasting.

BCAA is the Kingdom of Bahrain’s aviation regulator which oversees all aspects of aviation. BCAA regulates and issues air transportation and navigation, airworthiness, and other technical directives that apply to all aircraft flying into or out of the Kingdom of Bahrain. BCAA is also responsible for providing meteorological services including weather reports and forecasts as well as meteorological information.

About Radiometrics

Radiometrics Corporation is a closely held private corporation based in Boulder, Colorado. The company has pioneered commercial ground-based thermodynamic microwave radiometry for over two decades. With more than 300 microwave radiometers in operation worldwide, the company is the world leader in ground based radiometer product innovation and sales. Rugged, compact, and reliable, Radiometrics thermodynamic profilers observe the boundary layer temperature, humidity and liquid that define local weather. Patented designs ensure optimum long-term, all-weather performance for operational and research applications.

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