Radiometrics Welcomes IIBR

This week at Radiometrics, we had the honor of welcoming Dr. Alon Manor and collegues from the Environmental Science Division of the Israel Institute for Biological Research to our facility in Frederick, Colorado for a comprehensive training session on their new MP3000A Radiometer! The Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) is a governmental, cutting-edge applicable research institute, specializing in the fields of biology, chemistry and environmental sciences ( )  The IIBR team shared their innovative methods for using our radiometer to study pollution, atmospheric stability and weather patterns in support of their cutting edge research in Israel.

Led by our Director of Systems, Kim Dill, we had deep discussions about their research, exploring how technology like the Radiometrics MP-3000A is being used to predict and understand weather on both micro- and macro-scales.  All in the name of science, we’re bridging gaps and fostering global collaboration to advance our understanding of the weather in this regi