DeTect Wind Profiler division and Atmospheric  Systems Corporation join Radiometrics


Radiometrics surpasses 300 radiometer systems worldwide!

Who We Are

Radiometrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of microwave radiometers for environmental remote sensing. For more than two decades, Radiometrics has provided hundreds of worldwide customers with radiometer systems, innovative software tools and technical support for environmental monitoring and prediction.

Applications include high-impact local weather forecasting, wind, solar and electric load forecasting, weather modification, and soil moisture remote sensing. Radiometrics operates the Boundary Layer Network, a nationwide U.S. radiometer network, in partnership with Earth Networks. This first-of-a-kind commercial network delivers boundary layer thermodynamic data essential for accurate short term local weather forecasting.

What are your Weather Challenges?

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Worldwide Membership
Radiometrics is involved with many international bodies. HMEI memberWTCDenver member