Radiometrics Completes Milestone with Colombia’s Aerocivil [May 8, 2014]

Boulder, Colorado, 8 May, 2014— Radiometrics Corporation announces the recent completion of Factory Acceptance Tests (“FAT”) for an MP-3000A microwave thermodynamic profiler purchased by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority. The profiler is scheduled for installation at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia in June 2014. Radiometrics Colombian partner, Datum Ingenieria SAS, also participated in the FAT.

The MP-3000A Thermodynamic Profiling Radiometer provides continuous temperature, water vapor, relative humidity and liquid atmospheric profiles from the surface to 10 km height. These continuous upper-air data define local weather and are critical for accurate local Nowcasting and weather forecasting.

The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority (“Aerocivil”) will utilize the MP-3000A profiler to improve forecasting and weather monitoring for the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia. El Dorado is the third busiest airport in Latin America, with almost 19 million passengers annually, and is Latin America’s busiest cargo airport. During rainy months, thunderstorms and hailstorms are common, and can be severe. Additionally, early morning fog is common throughout the year. Aerocivil anticipates that the MP-3000A’s continuous thermodynamic profiling will lead to improved safety and efficiency of the airport operations, by giving weather forecasters local, real-time atmospheric data critical for accurate fog forecasting, and earlier and more accurate severe weather forecasting.

About Aerocivil

Aerocivil is the government agency charged with orderly development of civil aviation, regulating the commercial airline industry and the safe use of the Colombian airspace. This role includes the evaluation and adoption of new technologies that improve operational safety and efficiency. Aerocivil is a leading voice in South America for improving the accuracy of weather forecasting and nowcasting for aviation safety.


About Radiometrics

Radiometrics Corporation is a closely held private corporation based in Boulder, Colorado. The company has pioneered commercial ground-based thermodynamic microwave radiometry for over two decades. With more than 300 microwave radiometers in operation worldwide, the company is the world leader in ground based radiometer product innovation and sales. Rugged, compact, and reliable, Radiometrics thermodynamic profilers observe the boundary layer temperature, humidity and liquid that define local weather. Patented designs ensure optimum long-term, all-weather performance for operational and research applications.