Radiometrics Corporation Installs Microwave Radiometer for World Gliding Championships [July 27, 2012]

Boulder, Colorado, June 27, 2012— Radiometrics Corporation installed an MP-3000A microwave radiometer at Garner Field in Uvalde, Texas, to support the World Gliding Championships starting on 28th of July through the 19th of August. Data from the radiometer will provide pilots and event planners real-time radiosonde equivalent atmospheric soundings and forecast indices. Radiometrics Corporation Chairman of the Board, Mike Exner, an experienced glider pilot, explains: “Without the radiometer data, weather forecasters for the championships would rely on soundings from the 7AM and 7PM (local) radiosonde launches from Del Rio, approximately 70 miles to the west. The MP-3000A will provide temperature and humidity profiles up to 10 km that are equivalent to radiosondes, but updated every five minutes, rather than only twice-daily.  Using RAOB software, we will present the radiometer profiles in Skew-T format, which is familiar to weather forecasters and many pilots. The continuous, real-time data will provide a clear picture of both current conditions and trends, which will allow for more accurate nowcasting and short-term forecasting.”

Radiometrics Corporation’s radiometers produce continuous temperature, humidity and liquid profiles. Currently, boundary layer observations are made using radiosondes, commercial aircraft soundings, radar and a small number of wind profilers and tall towers. However, the spatial and temporal resolution of these observations are limited and do not meet the growing data requirements for improved forecasts at local scales.

About Radiometrics
Radiometrics Corporation is a closely held private corporation based in Boulder, Colorado. The company has pioneered commercial ground-based thermodynamic microwave radiometry for over two decades. With more than 300 microwave radiometers in operation worldwide, the company is the world leader in ground based radiometer product innovation and sales. Rugged, compact, and reliable, Radiometrics thermodynamic profilers observe the boundary layer temperature, humidity and liquid that define local weather. Patented designs ensure optimum long-term, all-weather performance for operational and research applications.

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